Who is IMReceptionist?

IMReceptionist is your personal 24X7 virtual receptionist, she is smart dynamic and workaholic. She can handle you all incoming calls transfer them to respective departments / person anywhere in the world. IMReceptionist is hosted business phone system ideal for Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Websites, mid and small scale business.

Any one calling your office will be warmly greeted by IMReceptionist with a message customized specially for you / your company and can select extension set by you to speak with concerned person or she can leave a voicemail or accept a Fax on your behalf and also organize and manage a concal with customers and internal employees. She works 24X7X365, thus you will never miss a call and a customer.

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Click N Talk

Competitive Times

Getting visitors to your site is only half the battle. You need visitors to buy, and that is a challenging task in today's world. With many competitors, both offline and online, you need to give our visitors a compelling reason to buy from you rather than look elsewhere. Once visitors are browsing your online store, capitalize on their interest by making it as easy as possible for them to buy from you.

Make Every Lead Count

Don't let the time and money that you invested in your e-commerce solution go to waste. With JustClick n Talk, customers can contact you at no cost at any point in their shopping process by phone. The ability to speak to a real person in real time is crucial for closing sales. A large percentage of web visitors still do not feel comfortable entering their credit card information over the internet, and you can lose those visitors if you do not offer them an alternate way of paying.

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Voice SMS

Voice SMS is a fast way to send a short message to another mobile subscriber that can be retrieved at the subscriber's convenience. In that sense it is similar to an SMS text message. But Voice SMS is much easier to use. There are no keystrokes needed to compose the message. You just talk. When a Voice SMS is sent, an SMS text message is received saying "You have a Voice SMS. Click here to listen to your message." One click and you' are listening to your new message via a human voice. In some implementations, the phone reads "Dial *0* to listen to your message. A few clicks with the "Send" key are required, but it is still easy for users.

There are additional advantages for Voice SMS over text SMS. The text user interface on mobile phones is great if you use English, a European language, Kanji, or another widely used language. But once you get beyond the top twenty languages, there is little or no support in text messaging. And of course, text messages are of no use to people who are illiterate.

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Where To Use

Mobile Number Verification: You can avoid lengthy forms and can also save outgoing messaging cost for verifying mobile number as our system can push the real time missed call notifications to your Server.

Forget/Retrieve Password : Just tell your customer to place a call from their registered mobile number and show the password reset form once you got the call information.

Support/Sales : Replace your Traditional Toll Free Number with our Intelligent Missed Call Alert Number and Save Huge on your monthly billing and automate the Support & Sales System.

Lead Generation: Never miss a lead.Just include your Missed Call Service number in your advertisements and capture all potential customers 24 x 7 x 365.

Opt In Subscriptions : Build your Opt-In Subscription users database by publishing the Missed Call Service Number. We also provide customized solutions.

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